Pimento Cheese Fries

Is there anything better in the world than some crispy spuds topped with melted pimento cheese?

We think not!

Feast your eyes on these lovely creations.

FAB Pimento Cheese Fries



French Fries, deep fried
Your favorite pimento cheese

1. Deep fry your french fries. Season liberally.
2. Cover the top layer of the fries with your favorite pimento cheese.
3. Place in an oven on broil for just a few minutes.
4. Enjoy!

Very simple yet very delectable. The key is always using the best pimento you can find.

The 2nd Most Popular Pimento Cheese Recipe on Earth

When you Google “Pimento Cheese Recipe,” the top result is a recipe from AllRecipes.com (or at least it was on 2/10/14). Unfortunately AllRecipe.com was not working for me this morning so we’ll have to try the second most popular pimento cheese recipe on earth today and that brings us to FoodNetwork.com and Mrs. Paula Deen.

The recipe is titled “Bobby’s Pimento Cheese” which seems to be an ode to her son Bobby Deen. It’s a cute and Southern way of naming a dish because I’m sure it was little Bobby’s favorite.

Bobby's Pimento Cheese

Recipe for Bobby’s Pimento Cheese:


  • 1 (3-oz) package of cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1 cup grated sharp cheddar
  • 1 cup grated Monterrey Jack
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/2 teaspoon house seasoning, recipe follows
  • 2 to 3 tbsp pimentos, smashed
  • 1 tsp grated onion
  • Cracked black pepper
  • House Seasoning: 1 cup salt, 1/4 cup black pepper, 1/4 cup garlic powder (all mixed together)


Using an electric mixer beat the cream cheese until smooth and fluffy. Add all of the remaining ingredients and beat until well blended. It can be used as a dip for crudite or as a sandwich filling.


We like the chances that the recipe takes with the Monterrey Jack and onion. The taste is going to be similar to many traditional pimento cheese recipes since it includes cream cheese, mayonnaise, cheddar cheese and pimentos. The onion and Monterrey Jack certainly will help with texture, spice and flavor. However, since all the ingredients are blended together at the end you will lose any texture benefit you might have gained.

The blending of all of the ingredients in a blender until “well blended” takes away most of the texture that we prefer in pimento cheese. It seems to be an ongoing debate about whether people prefer a firmer texture or more of a smooth spread. Many pimento cheeses are definitely more spread-like and seem to come out as smooth as hummus. In our opinion, this over-blending takes away from the ability to enjoy the specific tastes and textures of some of the individual ingredients.

Another kicker for us is cream cheese. Cream cheese is a highly polarizing ingredient that people either prefer or loathe. Mayonnaise is a much safer play that will not end the dish before it starts for a lot of folks.

Finally, a real important note about the recipe and all these ingredients is where are they sourced from and how are they handled or prepared. Are the pimentos diced or whole? Is the cheese pre-grated or grated from a block? What quality of cheese is purchased? What type of mayonnaise is used?

The sourcing of ingredients and how they are combined at the end typically end up making or breaking pimento cheese for a lot of palates. Also, including or leaving out certain polarizing ingredients can really make a big difference in your pimento cheese.

Pimento Cheese: The Ultimate Condiment

Pimento cheese is the ultimate condiment.

It can be used to top burgers and hot dogs and french fries. Slap it between two pieces of white bread for an easy sandwich. Top your deviled eggs with different flavors of pimento cheese. Pull out some crackers and dig in for a real treat. Eat it right out of that container with a fork if you’d like (can’t say that about many condiments).

photo (6)

Pimento Cheese includes mayonnaise usually which is itself a condiment. However, it increases the cool and wow factor for mayo by about a million thanks to delicious shredded cheeses and other unique ingredients.

But should we say it is the Ultimate Southern Condiment? Maybe, maybe not.

Some might argue pimento cheese is only a Southern ingredient and is mainly enjoyed in the South. We seem to believe that other parts of the country simply have not been so lucky to experience it yet. Once they do it might become more of a worldwide phenomenon than simply a southern tradition.

So next time you find yourself reaching for the ketchup or ranch or mayo even, think about pimento cheese.  There are not many items that you can’t make better by adding a dollop of cold or melted pimento cheese.  Don’t believe us? Try it yourself.

Basic Pimento Cheese Recipe

For a basic pimento cheese spread, the following ingredients are typically used:

  • Pimentos; roasted red peppers, usually diced
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cheddar cheese shreds


There are a million variations and additions you can do when making pimento cheese but  nearly all versions include some form of these three ingredients.

Usually the best things in life are simple and based on this short ingredient list, pimento cheese seems to be no exception to that rule.

However, the real fun begins when you use different types of the Big 3 ingredients and then add whatever else you’d like to really make your pimento cheese rock.

So go forth and make your basic pimento cheese spread. Then spice things up a bit and add whatever you’d like because that’s where the real fun begins.

Welcome to the FAB Pimento Cheese Blog!


Pimento cheese is a Southern tradition. Every family seems to have their own recipe and theirs is the best. Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with one of the store-bought versions available at your local grocery store. Some restaurants with a southern menu feature their own versions on appetizer trays or on top of a juicy burger.

Regardless of where you find your pimento cheese, this Southern staple represents the South and its culinary traditions.

This blog aims to explore pimento cheese and its history. It also will look at the future of pimento cheese and where the product can go. Even though many people outside the South may not even recognize the name pimento cheese, this blog aims to educate and motivate everyone to learn more (and hopefully taste more).

So thanks for joining us. We look forward to sharing our thoughts and ideas with y’all and hope that you will give us some feedback and opinions on what we write.