Pimento Cheese: The Ultimate Condiment

Pimento cheese is the ultimate condiment.

It can be used to top burgers and hot dogs and french fries. Slap it between two pieces of white bread for an easy sandwich. Top your deviled eggs with different flavors of pimento cheese. Pull out some crackers and dig in for a real treat. Eat it right out of that container with a fork if you’d like (can’t say that about many condiments).

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Pimento Cheese includes mayonnaise usually which is itself a condiment. However, it increases the cool and wow factor for mayo by about a million thanks to delicious shredded cheeses and other unique ingredients.

But should we say it is the Ultimate Southern Condiment? Maybe, maybe not.

Some might argue pimento cheese is only a Southern ingredient and is mainly enjoyed in the South. We seem to believe that other parts of the country simply have not been so lucky to experience it yet. Once they do it might become more of a worldwide phenomenon than simply a southern tradition.

So next time you find yourself reaching for the ketchup or ranch or mayo even, think about pimento cheese. ┬áThere are not many items that you can’t make better by adding a dollop of cold or melted pimento cheese. ┬áDon’t believe us? Try it yourself.

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